Photo/Story Gallery 2003

Drug Bust in Sumter County

Significant drug seizure in Sumter CountyWhile on routine patrol in Sumter County, Trooper Jason Lemery stopped a 2003 Lincoln Town Car for illegal window tint. Trooper Lemery became suspicious because the driver and passenger were extremely nervous, and neither could produce any identification. In addition, Trooper Lemery smelled marijuana from inside of their vehicle. Trooper Jimmie Davis was called for backup.

When Trooper Davis arrived, he walked FHP K-9’s York and Jewels around the vehicle to check for possible drugs. Both dogs alerted to the doors of the Lincoln, and were then sent inside to search the interior.

A complete search of the vehicle revealed approximately 3 1/2┬ákilograms of cocaine, 1,000 MDMA (ecstasy) tablets, and 12 grams of marijuana. The cocaine was concealed in bags on the floor behind the driver’s seat; the MDMA was hidden in an armrest compartment of the passenger’s side door; and the marijuana was found in the center console and armrest in the passenger’s side door.

Thanks to the excellent police work of Troopers Lemery and Davis, both the driver and the passenger were arrested and booked into the Sumter County Jail. Evidence was turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration for possible federal prosecution of the two violators.