Photo/Story Gallery 2003

Dickson Receives Award in Philly

Retired Lt. Colonel DicksonLast week at the Annual American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators Conference held in Philadelphia, Retired Lt. Colonel Billy Dickson was presented with the Association’s Distinguished Service Award for his work in fighting identity theft and improving homeland security. Dickson, with the help of members of the Division of Driver’s Licenses, was instrumental in laying the foundation for a better system for scrutinizing documents of individuals seeking Florida driver’s licenses and ID cards. Identity theft continues to be a serious concern in Florida, and across the nation.

Also honored at the Conference were FLHSMV’s Peter Stoumbelis and Diane Wood, the first recipients of the Association’s new Information Technology Award, who were honored for their innovative work in developing and implementing Florida’s Driver and Vehicle Information Database (DAVID). This new web-based data system has proved an invaluable tool for law enforcement and other criminal justice personnel who can use it to cross reference and link five separate databases in search of identity information on suspects. DAVID is described by one FDLE official as the “best new tool put in law enforcement’s hands in twenty-five years.”

Lt. Colonel Dickson retired on June 30, 2003, after 40 years of service with the Florida Highway Patrol.