Photo/Story Gallery 2003

D.A.V.I.D. System Awesome

Trooper RietmannRecently, while working S.O.A.R., Trooper Mark Rietmann made his first traffic stop on his OT shift, pulling over a tow truck for two violations (tinted windows and no commercial ID markings). The driver could not produce a driver’s license upon request, stating that he did not have his wallet with him. However, the driver identified himself as Angelo Barriento with no hesitation. When Trooper Rietmann asked the driver questions, he appeared to have all the correct information and was very calm in his demeanor. The records check verified a valid class A CDL. However, at the bottom of the DL information was an administrative note that read, “Verify I.D. – Possible Imposter Using this Name / DL.”

Trooper Rietmann questioned the driver further. However, each time he made an inquiry, the driver appeared to have the right responses, with one exception. The driver was not able to give his social security number. His suspicions lead Trooper Rietmann to use another resource available to him, the D.A.V.I.D. System. Using this new technology, Trooper Rietmann was able to pull up Mr. Angelo Barriento’s picture. There, on the computer screen was a picture of the real Angelo Barriento, which was not the man standing with him on the side of the road. Using the picture on the screen as evidence, Trooper Rietmann was able to get the imposter to confess that he had lied about his identity. Because of D.A.V.I.D., Trooper Rietmann was able to arrest the driver, Jose M. Gonzalez, who had two active B/Ws for DWLS and two Habitual Traffic Offender Revocations (felony charges), along with nine other suspensions for failure to appear in court.

If not for D.A.V.I.D., this new invaluable resource, Trooper Rietmann would not have been able to properly identify the violator. Tickets would have been issued to the real Angelo Barriento, an innocent victim, who would have been caused further grief and frustration in error. According to Trooper Rietmann, this new resource available to the Florida Highway Patrol is “awesome!”