Photo/Story Gallery 2003

Crotta Promoted to Captain

Chief Kirby, Claudia Crotta, Captain Crotta, and Colonel KnightOn February 4, 2003, Lieutenant George Crotta, accompanied by his wife, Claudia, received his Captains bars, badge, and credentials from Colonel Chris Knight during a promotion ceremony held in his honor at General Headquarters (GHQ) in Tallahassee.

Pictured left: Chief Kirby, Claudia Crotta, Captain Crotta, and Colonel Knight.

On February 14th, the official date of his promotion, Captain Crotta will be leaving the Bureau of Law Enforcement Support Services at GHQ where he has served for the past five and one half years as Chief Background Investigator, and heading to the FHP Training Academy where he will serve as Assistant Chief Training Officer.

At the pinning ceremony, Captain Crotta, a fifteen-year veteran of FHP, was highly praised for his hard work and dedication by his supervisor, Chief Mike Kirby, and his fellow officers and co-workers in Support Services.

Captain Crotta and wife, ClaudiaCaptain Crotta and Sergeant MillsAt the end of the ceremony, Sergeant Bobby Mills presented Captain Crotta with a plaque in sincere gratitude for his service and appreciation of his efforts with the department. The FHP family congratulates Captain Crotta for this well-deserved promotion!

Pictured left, Captain Crotta and wife, Claudia and right, Captain Crotta and Sergeant Mills