Photo/Story Gallery 2003

Community Service Officer Plays Coach

CSO Aileen Gomez serves her community one way or another Community Service Officer (CSO) Aileen Gomez gives new meaning to the term community service. Aileen works as one of FHP’s Community Service Officers-a group of trained and dedicated civilians stationed in the Tampa Bay area, who help with minor traffic crashes and offer assistance to the motoring public.

Not only does Aileen serve local citizens and visitors as an officer, she serves her community as a basketball coach for kids in a local school. CSO Gomez, a graduate of the sixth CSO Academy in Tampa, is a three-year veteran with FHP, who spends equal time as a communication duty officer as well as an officer on the Tampa roadways.

Aileen Gomez also serves her community as a basketball coach at St. Anthony’s Catholic School in Lakeland. Aileen attended Lake Gibson High School in Lakeland where she lettered on the varsity basketball team for two years. “I love kids, and I am looking forward to working with this group,” said Gomez. “This will be a challenge, but I am ready for it.” The coaching idea came from a close friend of Aileen’s, Teresa Hill, a trooper assigned to the Lakeland district. Trooper Hill has a son who attends St. Anthony’s and is a player on the basketball team.