Photo/Story Gallery 2003

CIP Finds Suitcases Full of Pills

suitcase full of bags of pillsRecently, Trooper Mike King, a CIP Officer in Troop G, clocked a 1995 Mazda Millinia at 70 mph in a 55 mph construction zone. After stopping the vehicle with New York tags, Trooper King was advised by the driver with a Connecticut license that he had borrowed the car from a friend to take his nephew to West Palm Beach.

After Trooper King issued the driver a ticket for unlawful speed, he asked him if he was transporting any illegal drugs, weapons or other contraband. The driver said “no,” but appeared very nervous. He gave Trooper King consent to search the vehicle.

After searching the trunk, Trooper King found two suitcases filled with 25,920 Lipitor pills, 96 Viagra pills, and 144 Zithromax pills in packages that appeared to be doctor samples.

bag full of pills gun also found on the suspect Further investigation revealed that the driver had actually flown down to West Palm Beach in an airplane from New York, and was being paid $300 to drive the car back to New York and leave it at a gas station.

The suspect was arrested for transporting illegally possessed pharmaceutical drugs and charged with a felony for transport of contraband. Good work Trooper King!