Photo/Story Gallery 2002

Troopers Seize $50,000

Sgt. HintonTpr. GriderOn October 18, 2002, at 9:30 p.m., Sergeant Daniel Hinton (left) stopped the driver of a tractor-trailer on State Road 80 in Hendry County for having no origin markings or DOT numbers displayed on the vehicle.

With the assistance of Trooper Michael Grider (right), Sergeant Hinton began an investigation of the vehicle, which revealed that the driver had recently purchased the tractor-trailer on October 15th. He and the female passenger were returning from West Palm Beach enroute to Bradenton. Sergeant Hinton became suspicious when the female passenger grave conflicting statements regarding the trip itineraries. In addition, the driver gave false statements regarding his criminal history.

confiscated cash seized currencyA positive hit from an EPIC check was received on the driver, tractor-trailer, and the owner of the trucking company that employed the driver. After a consent search was obtained, a physical search of the vehicle was conducted. The search revealed a pillowcase with three vacuum-sealed plastic bags containing U.S. Currency.

K9 “Bishop” was then used to further search the vehicle. His search resulted in a positive alert, indicating the presence of drug contamination. The currency, totaling $50,000, was then seized. The driver later gave statements as to his involvement in marijuana distribution.