Photo/Story Gallery 2002

Trooper Stevens Helps Save A Life

Trooper Tanya StevensOn Saturday, May 25, 2002, Trooper Tanya Stevens (Troop L – Davie) was working an off duty detail at the Four Corners of Lauderhill. At approximately 11:20 PM, a patron of a business summoned Trooper Stevens to come inside the building for an emergency. Upon entering, Stevens observed a civilian (Cindy Heafy from the Coral Springs Police Department) beginning CPR on an unconscious white female.

Trooper StevensTrooper Stevens immediately pulled out her pocket mask and began performing artificial resuscitation on the woman in need.

Together, Heafy and Stevens performed CPR until the Fire and Rescue crew arrived. Fire and Rescue personnel had to use their defibrillator three times before getting a pulse. The patient was then transported to the hospital where she recovered without any signs of brain damage. The emergency room doctor stated that someone suffering this type of heart attack usually has only a 1% chance of living. He attributed the patient’s survival to the immediate CPR and care she received.