Photo/Story Gallery 2002

Trooper Saves Life of Auxiliary Trooper

Trooper McNairFHPA Lt. PorterOn August 7, 2002, at 3:00 p.m., Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary Lieutenant James Porter (shown right) was driving west on Lake Worth Road in Palm Beach County. Lt. Porter was following Trooper Archie McNair (shown left). Trooper McNair observed Lt. Porter’s vehicle slowing in the westbound traffic lane. Trooper McNair made a u-turn onto the south shoulder when he observed Lt. Porter’s vehicle slowly traveling south for approximately 60 feet, before entering a canal and becoming totally submerged. Trooper McNair quickly exited his patrol vehicle and entered the canal where he found Lt. Porter semi-unconscious and trapped in the vehicle.

Trooper McNair attempted to open the door but was unable to do so. McNair remained in the water and asked a bystander to obtain his PR-24 baton from his patrol vehicle. Trooper McNair used the baton to break the passenger side window and was able, along with two other motorists, to remove Lt. Porter from the vehicle. Lt. Porter was transported to Wellington Hospital where he was admitted overnight for testing and observations.

Because of Trooper McNair’s lifesaving action, Auxiliary Lt. Porter only received minor injuries and hopefully will return to duty soon.

Trooper McNair, a 20-year veteran of the FHP, is assigned to Troop L, Lantana, where he serves as the troop background investigator.

FHP Auxiliary Lieutenant Porter, a 5-year member of the FHP Auxiliary, is Troop L’s Auxiliary background investigator.