Photo/Story Gallery 2002

Rollover Simulator and Tate High School

Rollover Simulator demonstration Pensacola – Tate High School students watch as the FHP Rollover simulates what happens if you don’t “Buckle Up”. Look closely – the dummy is well on its way to exiting the simulator.

Recently three Tate High School students survived a head-on crash because they were wearing their seatbelts. The lesson was learned earlier this year when another Tate High student, Cody Brown, died as a result of being ejected from a vehicle involved in a crash.

The student body of Tate High School created a campaign “Buckle Up for Cody” to enlighten other students about the dangers of not being buckled up. Apparently they were successful. Members of the Escambia County Department of Public Safety were also present including Battalion Chief Jim Sanders, the father of one of the surviving students.

During the period of September 16th thru 20th, over 2900 students from several schools observed and learned a lot from the dummies.