Photo/Story Gallery 2002

Lt. Mike Burroughs Visits Five-Points Elementary School

Rollover Simulator Truck closer view of Rollover Simulator TruckThe Florida Highway Patrol “Rollover Simulator Truck” has been making its way back and forth across Northeast Florida since July 2002.

The Rollover Simulator Truck was donated to the Northern FHP Troops by the Institute of Police Technology and Management and is rotated between Troops A, B, G, and H.

Four troops have the simulator for one month at a time every four months. The Rollover Simulator Truck simulates a 25-mile per hour rollover crash. The two cloth dummies, an adult dummy and a child dummy in a child restraint seat, are passengers within the simulator.

The rollover is simulated once with the passengers not restrained and tosses the dummies out of the simulator onto the trailer below. In some cases the dummies hang partially out of the truck window while the simulator continues to overturn. It simulates events that occur with real people during real rollover crashes.

Lt. Burroughs telling his Pet Watermelon and Seat Belt StoryMrs. Kampback presenting Lt. Burroughs with Thank You posters from her classFlorida Highway Patrol Lt. Mike Burroughs, Troop B Public Affairs Officer recently visited Five-Points Elementary School to present his “Pet Watermelon Seat Belt” story to four Five-Points Elementary Kindergarten through Second Grade classes.

Pictured left, Lt. Burroughs tells his Pet Watermelon and Seat Belt Story to Five-Points Elementary Students with the Rollover Simulator in the Background and right, Five Points Elementary School Teacher Mrs. Kampback presenting Lt. Burroughs with Thank You posters from her class.

There were about 200 students who attended the four presentations. Children were presented with a story about “Mikey” and “Tommy” two elementary school-aged children who were best friends. The story tells how “Tommy” and his father lost their lives in a tragic car crash because of not wearing seat belts.

The Rollover Simulator Truck is a real visual reminder of the consequences of not wearing a seat belt. “It quickly convinces people to Buckle UP!” said Lt. Burroughs.

Mrs. Linda Kampback, a teacher at Five-Points Elementary School dropped off a poster and personal pictures from her Kindergarten Class to Lt. Burroughs at the Lake City Florida Highway Patrol station. Mrs. Kampback stated that many children reminded their parents about the importance of Buckling Up!