Photo/Story Gallery 2002

Houston to Miami – the Slow Way!

Trooper Davis, left, and Captain KarasekOn November 14, 2002, Captain David Karasek, Pensacola District Commander, observed an eastbound taxicab speeding in a construction zone on Interstate 10 in Escambia County. Captain Karasek became suspicious when he saw the taxi’s Texas license plate.

search beginsPictured left: Trooper Brian Davis, left, and Captain David Karasek and right, the search begins.

Upon being pulled over, the taxi driver stated that he was carrying a paying passenger traveling from Houston, Texas, to Miami, Florida.

The taxi’s meter, which was still running, read $927—with approximately 700 more miles to go. After listening to the stories of the driver and the passenger, Captain Karasek’s suspicion grew. A request to search the vehicle was granted by the driver.

counting moneyThe search yielded 18 grams of cocaine, and almost $15,000 in cash belonging to the passenger. The taxi driver was released to return to Texas minus his fare and passenger. While taking a taxi can be a slow way to travel from Texas to Florida, it’s even slower when you have a stopover at the Escambia County jail.

The passenger, Juan Carlos Alvarado Chaves, was charged with Possession of Cocaine and Possession with the Intent to Distribute.

Good job, Captain Karasek!