Photo/Story Gallery 2002

FHP Takes Delivery of 200 Camaros

Camaro ready to rollCamaro engineThe Florida Highway Patrol will begin taking delivery of 200 new Chevrolet Camaro patrol cars this month.

In addition to the installation of the radio system and new low profile Whelen light bars, each trooper who will be issued the high performance patrol car must complete a five-hour familiarization class on the handling, braking and acceleration of the 310 horsepower vehicle.

Colonel Knight has been able to visit each of the Camaro schools and field questions from the troopers. The Chevrolet Camaro is powered by a 5.7L engine, which according to tests performed by Michigan State Police, pushes the Chevrolet Camaro to a top speed of 159 miles per hour.

Colonel Chris Knight (right) visited each of the Camaro schools and fielded questions from the troopers.

The Camaro is also able to achieve a speed of 100 miles per hour from a stopped position in only 13.93 seconds while the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor takes 24.61 seconds.