Photo/Story Gallery 2002

FHP Recruits Military Members

Army Infantry BaseCpl. Glass at entrance to base.In an effort to fill the Patrols vacancies, Corporal Ben Glass traveled to the Army Infantry Base in Ft. Benning Georgia to recruit qualified individuals for the next FHP Training Academy, which begins later this year.

Corporal Glass handed out applications to military personnel, as well as, taking the time to answer specific questions concerning the application process, the academy, and the career opportunities available to those desiring a position as a Florida State Trooper.

However, the visit was not all business.

Corporal Glass speaks with potential recruits Instead Corporal Glass was able to get to know briefly some of the officers he spoke with by discussing their experiences over the last few months both on base and off as they deal with the challenges facing them after the events of September 11, 2001.

Individuals interested in a career in law enforcement should visit the following link regarding an application or contact your nearest FHP recruitment officer.