Photo/Story Gallery 2002

FHP Participates in Veteran’s Day Parade

Trooper leads the paradeThe Florida Highway Patrol in Troop B, Lake City, accepted an invitation to participate in the 2002 Veteran’s Day Parade held on Main Street in Lake City.

Vince and Larry wave at the children as they pass them in the parade

Members of the Troop Public Affairs Office used this opportunity to display the new Florida Highway Patrol Rollover Simulator Truck displaying the “Buckle Up” message to those attending the parade.

The glimmering FHP Pickup Truck with its flashing blue lights and sirens screaming while towing the Rollover Simulator Truck, was one of the big hits of the parade.

the new Camaros were a hitEven though the Florida Highway Patrol 4-Wheel Drive Super-Cab Pickup was the envy of most people attending the parade, there was a special surprise for the children and those young at heart. Vince and Larry, the renowned “Crash Dummies,” were passengers within the “Rollover Simulator Truck”. The children waved and shouted greetings to Vince and Larry as the Rollover Simulator Truck passed by them.

Vince and Larry at the end of the parade taking a break.The Veteran’s Day Parade was also a great opportunity for Troop B to show off their sporty new Chevrolet Camaro patrol vehicles. The shiny and sleek appearance of the Camaro was the talk of the parade.

Vince and Larry took a little breather after the parade. They were really excited to see how positive the crowd responded to them. Vince and Larry said that most children were reminding them to “Buckle Up”.