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FHP Assists Parents of Two Sets of Quads

Tallahassee’s newest quadrupletsAnother set of quadruplets has been born in Tallahassee! The first set, born March 21st, are over six months old now, and are doing great, according to their mom and dad, Dwain and Penny Dyer.

Pictured left: Tallahassee’s newest quadruplets (L to R) with mother, Rashida: Abiona, Malik, Kyla, and Malachi.

At the time the first quads were born, The Florida Highway Patrol was on hand to help out the new parents by donating 4 child safety seats to ensure a safe ride for the babies.

The first set of quadruplets born in TallahasseeThe new set of quads, born August 26th, will soon be getting ready to go home after their month-long stay in the hospital. And to help the babies ride home safely, the Florida Highway Patrol has once again donated 4 infant car seats to appreciative parents.

Pictured right: The first set of quadruplets born in Tallahassee (L to R) Bailey, Jessica, Payton, and Brooks

Kim Hackler, a certified child passenger safety technician assigned to the Patrol’s Office of Public Affairs, traveled to the hospital to show the parents how to properly install and use the car seats. FHP is able to provide free child safety seats for special families in need because of a grant they received last year from the Florida Department of Transportation’s State Safety Office.

The proud parents, Rashida Snow and Charles Maddox, both dietary workers at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, were anxious to learn how to install the special infant carriers designed for premature infants under 5 pounds. Since the babies are still too small to fit in traditional child safety seats, FHP special ordered Dream Ride infant carriers that accommodate babies 0-10 pounds. After the babies have outgrown these seats several months from now, the mother will return to FHP to obtain 4 standard infant seats for her babies, and the preemie seats will be donated to the hospital.