Photo/Story Gallery 2002

“Click It or Ticket” Kicked off in Tallahassee

Dr. Runge speaking at the conferenceApproximately 100 law enforcement officers from across the state recently joined Colonel Chris Knight, Lt. Governor Frank Brogan, and Dr. Jeffrey Runge, Administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in the courtyard of the Capitol to kick off Florida’s Click It or Ticket campaign to encourage seat belt use.

The press conference provided an opportunity for a number of Florida’s law enforcement personnel to gather together to show their support for seat belt enforcement and education.

Dr. Runge speaking at the conferenceDuring the conference, Dr. Runge spoke of his experiences as a doctor, seeing first-hand the devastation of the loss of lives from traffic crashes of those not wearing their seat belts, and expressed his appreciation of Florida’s law enforcement community for saving lives through seat belt and child passenger safety enforcement.

At the conclusion of his speech, Dr. Runge presented the Florida Department of Transportation a check for $361,988 to be used for child passenger safety efforts throughout Florida.

Dr. Runge speaking at the conferenceAt the conclusion of the press conference, Lt. Governor Brogan offered encouragement and support of law enforcement efforts statewide in an uplifting and heartfelt speech about the need to protect Florida’s citizens by educating the public on the importance of seat belt use and enforcing Florida’s traffic laws. Lt. Governor Brogan expressed his gratitude to the traffic enforcement efforts of the Florida Highway Patrol and other law enforcement agencies in their dedication to keeping Florida’s roadways safe.

This year’s Click It or Ticket high visibility seat belt enforcement campaign, scheduled for May 25th through June 2nd, promises to be the largest Florida has ever had. Click It or Ticket is designed to give more people reasons to buckle up – the increased threat of a traffic ticket and the increased awareness that seat belts save lives!

It is this two-pronged approach that makes this campaign so powerful and effective. Last year, for example, seat belt use in eight Southeastern states surged 9% after a region-wide Click It or Ticket campaign. Combining education and enforcement works!

Buckle Up Florida…there’s just too much to lose!