Photo/Story Gallery 2002

Captain Mechlin Completes SLP

Capt. Mechlin (center) with Lt. Gov. Brogan and SLP Rep.On Friday, March 8, 2002, Captain Richard Mechlin graduated from the Florida Criminal Justice Executive Institute’s Senior Leadership Program (SLP). Lt. Governor Frank Brogan was the commencement speaker for the graduation ceremony.

The goal of the SLP is to provide a continuing education forum for the development and refinement of leadership skills for Florida’s criminal justice professionals. Individual components of the program all have a leadership theme and a “futures” orientation.

Lt. Governor Brogan, Captain Mechlin's wife, Wendy, Captain Mechlin, and Colonel Knight Graduates of the SLP learn to become familiar with the science of futures forecasting, including the conduct and assessment of futures oriented research in the social and behavioral sciences. Program participants engage in a study of individual leadership skills, styles and characteristics, with applications to leadership in teams, organizations, and the community.

Pictured right (L to R): Lt. Governor Brogan, Captain Mechlin’s wife, Wendy, Captain Mechlin, and Colonel Chris Knight.

 Strategic thinking, strategic planning, innovative problem solving, and leadership of change are program components that prepare criminal justice professionals to create and lead change in criminal justice organizations and in Florida communities. The program is framed around nine separate weeklong sessions, spaced approximately 6 weeks apart, with significant reading and an independent research requirement to be completed outside of the program meeting times.

Captain Mechlin is an 18-year veteran of the FHP, assigned to General Headquarters in Tallahassee. He is the Patrol’s Accreditation Manager, and is also responsible for policy development and grant acquisitions.