Photo/Story Gallery 2002

Annual Report to be Published

Trooper Chukes and Deneane Moffett On September 18, 2002 photographer Cliff Leonard took photographs of Florida Highway Patrol members engaging in activities that keep Florida’s “Highways Safe”. The photographs will be published in this year’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Annual Report, which details each division’s activities for the year.

Pictured left: Trooper Terrance Chukes and Deneane Moffett.

Captain David Tripp, Office of Public Affairs, supervised the photo shoot. Participants included Corporal Chip Bedingfield, Corporal Jennifer Welch, Trooper Terrance Chukes, Marcia Simpson and her daughter (DMV), Claudia Coaker (FHP), and Deneane Moffett (FHP).

Corporal Bedingfield and Claudia Coaker The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles’ mission is to ensure a safe highway driving environment for every Florida motorist. FHP troopers are crucial in successfully accomplishing this task.

Pictured right: Corporal Chip Bedingfield and Claudia Coaker.

Some of a trooper’s duties range from assisting stranded motorists, apprehending the impaired driver, interdicting the flow of contraband, providing car seats to needy families, and issuing citations for traffic violations. Only the combined dedication and desire of all of the Department’s members will make Florida’s highways a safer reality.