Photo/Story Gallery 2002

103rd Basic Recruit Class Begins

Col. Knight and Ex. Dir. DickinsonCol. Knight  Col. Knight speaks to recruitsNovember 5th may have been just another Election Day for many, however, for 54 individuals it was a day that they will never forget – it was their first day as new recruits at the Florida Highway Patrol Training Academy!

The 103rd Basic Recruit Class includes three females, 19 minority males, and 32 white males. They were welcomed by FLHSMV Executive Director Fred Dickinson. After the welcome, Colonel Chris Knight introduced the FHP Executive staff.

Trooper Langston, Sergeant Quinones and Trooper Hobbs.Colonel Knight then continued to impress upon the new recruits the value of their chosen career path into public service as he spoke about the Patrol’s 63-year history of Courtesy, Service and Protection.

Pictured left (LtoR) are Trooper Bill Langston, Sergeant Diane Quinones and Trooper Dennis Hobbs.

At the end of the ceremony, the Academy counselors paused for a moment before returning to their duties of guiding the new recruits through their first day’s activities.