Photo/Story Gallery 2001

FHPA Provides Field Security For Super Bowl XXXV

Mitten, Price, Rayburn, Gigliotti, Conboy, Newbould, Parks, Giddens, Stanford, Gogolin, Tobin,Harmer, Mosher, Stephens, Schoenly, BrownThe Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary was selected by the NFL to be the only law enforcement agency to provide on-field security for Super Bowl XXXV that was held on January 28, 2001, in Raymond James Stadium.

Pictured: Front Row (l-r) Mitten, Price, Rayburn, Gigliotti, Conboy Back Row (l-r) Newbould, Parks, Giddens, Stanford, Gogolin, Tobin,Harmer, Mosher, Stephens  Schoenly and Brown.

The Troop C Detail, headed by Chief David Rayburn, included 15 Auxiliary Troopers and 3 full-time troopers in what was described as the most highly visible detail ever in the history of the FHPA. Troop F in Bradenton assisted with the detail.

The members chosen to work the detail were the same members who work Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ and University of South Florida Bulls’ home games. The duties of the troopers during the Super Bowl was to ensure that only properly credentialed personnel were allowed on the field as well as to prevent fans from trespassing onto the field.

“We were extremely pleased that the NFL selected us to assist with the Super Bowl,” Chief Rayburn said. “With the Super Bowl, the NFL takes over all operations and brings in their people from all over the country for almost every aspect of the game, from the grounds crew to the chain crews. They elected to ask for our assistance based upon our performance during the twenty plus seasons providing field security for the Bucs and the Tampa Sports Authority.” It was the third Super Bowl FHPA members have worked.

The detail was not all work as FHPA members had some of the best “seats” in the house to view the game as well as the half-time show and post-game ceremonies.

Members of the detail From Troop C were:

Chief David Rayburn
Maj. Bill Mosher
Capt. Spence Price
Capt. Richard Stephens
Lt. Lew Mitten
Sgt. Nancy Newbould
Sgt. Bob Harmer
Trooper Doris Schoenly
Trooper Lisha Gogolin
Trooper Bobby Giddens
Trooper Zeke Brown
Trooper Jeff Parks
Sgt. Jim Tobin, FHP
Trooper Edgardo Torres, FHP
Trooper Ron Drake, FHP
Maj. Billy Stanford
Lt. Tony Conboy
Trooper Nick Gigliotti