Photo/Story Gallery 2000

Trooper and K9 Save Patient

Troopers Wagner, Ellis and AlfredOn June 12, 2000, Troopers Marvin G. Wagner, Jr. and Chris R. Ellis (Troop A), along with K-9 Alfred, were called to assist the Washington County Sheriff’s Office in a search for a missing Alzheimer’s patient. The woman had been missing for approximately three hours when they were called to assist. Three hours is generally the threshold of time in which a German Shepherd can pick up a scent.

Troopers Wagner and Ellis and K-9 Alfred proceeded to the area and were able to locate a footprint at the edge of Holmes Creek. K-9 Alfred immediately picked up the scent and the search began.

The weather was cloudy and wet, but this did not deter K-9 Alfred from following the trail into the swamp. The terrain was tree-filled and muddy, however Alfred was able to maintain the scent, nose to the ground, searching for the lost woman.

The three partners kept on the trail for approximately four miles. They searched for three hours before they finally located the elderly woman. She was found stuck in a mud bog and had sunk up to her waist. There was no way she could have gotten out by herself. The woman was suffering from exposure and was transported to a nearby hospital.

Trooper Marvin Wagner, Jr. and K-9 Alfred graduated from the Florida Highway Patrol K-9 Training Academy on March 31, 2000.

Congratulations to these two fine troopers and their K-9 partner for performing their jobs in such an excellent manner. They exemplify the Florida Highway Patrol motto of Courtesy – Service – Protection.