Photo/Story Gallery 2000

Triplets Receive Child Safety Seats

Trooper Mike Stallworth, Troop H, Tallahassee, holding his new friend Madison Reeves with her sister Presley and her brother PerrySince 1993, the FHP has provided over 20,000 child safety seats to worthy recipients, purchased with federal, industrial, and private grants.

However, Florida still has many children whose parents and guardians do not have the resources to provide for their child’s vehicle safety. Since 1995, all individuals who register vehicles in Florida have had the opportunity to make child safety seats more readily available.

Pictured here is Trooper Mike Stallworth, Troop H, Tallahassee, holding his new friend Madison Reeves who, along with her sister Presley and her brother Perry, recently received new child safety seats from the Florida Highway Patrol. Also pictured are the proud parents of these triplets, Ronnie and Regina Reeves, and older brother Mason.

This program, called “The $2 Difference”, is administered by each County Tax Collector and allows you to donate $2 (or more) each time you register your vehicle. This money is collected by the Tax Collector and forwarded to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. The Florida Highway Patrol monitors this account and when the balance is sufficient to obtain a competitive price, safety seats are ordered. Every dollar donated is returned to the county in which it was received, in the form of child safety seats. The seats are then distributed by various agencies selected by the Tax Collector, parents/guardians are trained in the proper use of the seat, and children, our most precious cargo, are protected.

As of June 30, 1999, a total of $128,909 had been donated and 3,612 child seats had been purchased and provided to County Tax Collectors and residents of Florida. The FHP estimates that an additional $60,000 has been donated between the above date and June 30, 2000, enough to purchase another 1669 seats.

So, the next time you register your vehicle, check the box that says “$2 to buy child safety seats” on the mail-in form or tell the agent at the Tax Collector’s Office that “I wish to make a $2 Difference!” Then make your check for just $2 more than the normal required fee. If you decide to take this very simple step, many more young people like Presley, Perry, and Madison will have a better chance to become productive young members of our society.