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To:                  Tax Collectors and License Plate Agents





Subject:          2009 Legislative Changes Which Will Effect Title and Registration Procedures



Advisory                                             Implementation                                 Carl A. Ford, Director

Date:               06/25/09                      Date:   Immediately



Advisory Number:    R09-05





The 2009 Legislature passed several Senate and House bills resulting in changes to motor vehicle laws.  Effective dates vary and some bills have multiple effective dates.


The following amendments take effect July 1, 2009: 


Senate Bill 1100 amended Sections 316.2122, 320.01(27), 320.01(45), and 320.0847, Florida Statutes, allowing mini-trucks to operate in the same manner as low-speed vehicles and on the same roadways but only where the posted speed limit is 35 mph or less; amending the definition of a motorcycle to coincide with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s definition when applicable; creating the definition of “mini-truck”, and requiring mini-trucks to be properly licensed and registered. 


House Bill 293 amended Sections 319.22(2), 320.02(17), 320.03(10), 320.1316,  and 713.78, Florida Statutes, requiring an individual who sells or transfers a vehicle to notify the department within 30 days of the transaction using Form 82050; allowing the lienor to notify the department to place a stop on the registration of any vehicle owned or co-owned by an applicant for failure to surrender the vehicle to the lienor when notified to do so; giving the department jurisdiction over the electronic filing systems (EFS) third parties use to register vehicles; providing a method for lienors to notify the department when an owner is to surrender a vehicle and allowing the owner to dispute this in writing; deleting the return receipt requirement when towing services notify owners via certified mail that their vehicle was towed and allowing alternative post office forms or receipts, and deleting the return receipt requirement for notices mailed to owners of vehicles that were towed at the request of law enforcement. 


House Bill 333 amended Sections 261.03, 316.2074 (2), and 317.0003, Florida Statutes, raising the weight limit for all-terrain vehicles (ATV) from 900 to 1,200 pounds and creating a definition for motorized recreational off-highway vehicles (ROV). 


House Bill 687 amended Section 320.02 (15) (h), Florida Statutes, requiring that motor vehicle registration application and renewal forms include language permitting a voluntary contribution of $1 to Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches, Inc., a not-for-profit organization.  








The following amendments take effect September 1, 2009:


House Bill 1423 amended Sections 319.32(3) and 320.08056(4), Florida Statutes, increasing the fee for an original certificate of title for a vehicle previously registered outside the state from $4 to $10 for deposit into the Nongame Wildlife Trust Fund, and raising the annual use fees for the Manatee license plate ($20 to $25) and the Conserve Wildlife license plate ($15 to $25). 


Senate Bill 1778 amended various Sections throughout Chapters 319 and 320, Florida Statutes, (319.23 (6), 319.32 (1), 319.323, 319.324(1), 320.023 (5) (c), 320.03 (5), 320.04 (1), 320.06, 320.0607, 320.08, 320.0801 (2), 320.0804, 320.08046, 320.08048 (1), 320.0805 (2) (c), and 320.08056, to increase certain fees for motor vehicle title and registration services.  See Attachment A for a complete list of fee increases. 


Senate Bill 1778 also amended Sections 320.06, 320.08058, 320.13, 320.08058, and 320.13, Florida Statutes, changing the license plate replacement cycle from six to ten years; creating an Autism license plate with an annual use fee of $25 for distribution to Achievement and Rehabilitation Centers, Inc.; redistributing the annual use fees for the Golf license plate to the Dade Amateur Golf Association, and allowing vehicle importers and distributors to use manufacturer license plates. 


The following amendment takes effect October 1, 2009:


House Bill 1423 amended various Sections throughout Chapter 328, Florida Statutes, (328.03, 328.07, 328.46, 328.48, 328.56, 328.58, 328.60, 328.65, 328.66 and 328.72) adding language requiring all vessels used or stored on the waters of this state to be titled and registered unless they are used or stored on private lakes or ponds. 


House Bill 293 amended Section 320.0609 (2) (c), Florida Statutes, requiring independent dealers to issue a temporary license plate during the time a metal license plate is being transferred. 


The following amendment takes effect November 1, 2009:


Senate Bill 1100 amended Section 320.0848(2) (a), Florida Statutes, exempting a disabled person who is physically unable to go to a driver license office from the requirement to have a driver license or identification card number on the disabled parking permit.  


The following amendment takes effect July 1, 2010:


House Bill 293 amended Section 320.0609(2), Florida Statutes, requiring dealers to electronically report to the department the transfer of a metal license plate from one vehicle to another. 












Attachment A

Fee Increases


Fee Type

New Fee Amounts


Automobiles - based on weight

$19.50 - $44.00

Trucks - based on weight

$19.50 - $44.00

Heavy Trucks - based on weight

$60.75 - $1,322.00

Specialty/Personalized Processing Fee


Florida Real Time Vehicle Information System Fee


General Revenue/DJJ Surcharge


Registration Service Charge Fees


Automated vending or printer dispenser machine service fee (License Plate Validation; Vessel or Mobile Home Sticker)


Advanced RPL Fee


Retro reflective Material Fee


Original/Replacement License Plate Fee


Initial Registration Fee





Fast Title


For-hire Vehicle Title**


Delinquent Title Fee


Re-inspection fee


Service fee for paper title


* Motor vehicle registration fees typically include various charges.  For example, based on the new fee schedule, a 4-door sedan with previous registration fees that totaled approximately $45 will now cost approximately $70.

** Motor vehicle title fees typically include various charges, such as $5.25 for an original title on a new car.