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October 26, 2009


TO:                              Tax Collectors and License Plate Agencies


FROM:                        Carl A. Ford, Director

                                    Division of Motor Vehicles


SUBJECT:                  November 2009 FRVIS Release


            The November Release was sent to all test sites on October 17, 2009.  The statewide release is scheduled for download the weekend of October 31, 2009.


            Attached is a copy of the modification log that you should read over and familiarize yourselves with prior to the release.  The modification log is a tremendous help in understanding the changes in FRVIS. 


            If you encounter any problems related to the release, please check the FRVIS Release Issues Board to determine if the problem has already been reported, and if so, if there is a work-around.  If the problem is not on the log and you still have questions, please call your Field Support Center Help Desk Representative. 




























***November 1 Software Release Status Page


Don't forget to check this link under the Tax Collector button on the Motor Vehicle Intranet before calling the HELP DESK to report problems related to the new release.


1)      Fewer customers will be prevented from being able to correct their address using FRVIS. Individuals with the following conditions recorded against their Driver License were prevented from correcting their address but will now be able to have their address corrected during their Motor Vehicle transactions: D6 suspension, Financial Responsibility case, HTO Revocation, Point Suspension, Revocation, and Suspension. Non-resident aliens and individuals with a Florida Only driver license may now also correct their address through FRVIS. Although these people will be allowed to correct their address using FRVIS, they will still have to go to a Driver License office to have a new driver license printed with the corrected address.

2)      Vessel registrations will no longer be prorated. Original Registration and Transfer of Veh/Vessel Registration Ownership will charge the full 12 month amount of base tax, County Reg fee, County Retained Commercial fee or County Retained Vessel fee for a vessel being registered for 1-12 tax months. The 12 month value of these fees will be doubled for vessel registrations with 13-24 tax months. The 12 month value of these fees will be tripled for vessel registrations with 25-27 tax months.

3)      A Bill of Sale has been added to the lower portion of the registration for mopeds and vehicle trailers with weight less than 2,000 lbs. This Bill of Sale is printed for these vehicles instead of the Important Information in all transactions that print a registration.

4)      A larger image of the expiration month and year will now print on the decal unless the decal expiration date is before 2008.

5)      The system will prevent a straight plate registration from being issued when a TOP is the latest registration on the vehicle and the registration ownership has not changed. If the TOP registrant has settled his IRP account with Motor Carrier Services, an override may be created to allow the straight plate registration to be issued. Contact Motor Carrier Services if the customer believes an override is warranted.

6)      Sales tax will now be calculated and charged on a Registration Only registration when sales price is entered and a temporary plate is issued using the temp-issue-reason of In Transit (OOS).

7)      The registration effective date will now be systematically pre-filled with the acquired date if the acquired date is 6 months or less. If the customer can show proof of non-use during the period following his acquisition of the vehicle, the systematically entered registration effective date may be changed.

8)      The update of NMVTIS will be corrected to add a brand 08 JUNK to the vehicle’s record whenever a Certificate of Destruction or Derelict Vehicle Certificate is issued or the title is canceled with cancel reason of Junked.  

9)      Whenever a vehicle has been branded on NMVTIS as a clunker (brand codes 90 or 91) the system will not allow any title transaction. These vehicles must be issued a Certificate of Destruction. If the brand has been added to the vehicle in error, a Help Desk representative can create an override that will allow a title transaction to be performed.

10)  When a Manufacturer Buy Back brand is removed from the Florida title, it will no longer be removed from the NMVTIS brand file.

11)  The Correction Foundation specialty plate (CFR, CFP, CFA) will be de-authorized on December 1, 2009.  Beginning on this date, this specialty plate may no longer be issued and the system will force the replacement of the CF plate on any registration transaction where the registration period is being extended. Whenever a de-authorized plate is replaced, ARF credit will be applied even if it is not forced replacement time.

12)  The system was forcing dealer plates to be replaced during Dealer Renewals even though the plate expiration date is 4 or 5 years in the future. This has been corrected.

13)  When the transaction that detached a Temporary Operational Permit from the registration got voided, the system failed to re-attach the TOP registration. This has been corrected.

14)  Virtual Office failed to prevent a title from being printed when there was an outstanding EFS transaction. This has been corrected.

15)  The Local Option Sales Tax of 1.5% has been extended in Jackson County until Dec. 31, 2015.

16)  During a Parking Permit renewal, if the customer’s driver license was expired, the system was automatically checking the No Picture box. This has been corrected.

17)  When transferring a license plate in class code 037, FRVIS was charging the DOD fee when no decal is issued.  This has been corrected.

18)  With the implementation of the Real ID Act, an individual may no longer have both a Florida Driver License and a Florida ID card. If a customer who has both corrects his address and chooses to have a replacement printed, he must choose which he wants to retain. If he chooses to have a Driver License printed, his Florida ID will be terminated and vice versa.