To:  Tax Collectors and License Plate Agents

From:  Carl A. Ford, Director

Subject:  Biennial Registration

Advisory Date:  11/27/07                              Implementation Date:  01/01/08                              

Advisory Number:  R07-16




                        Effective January 1, 2008, the option for a biennial registration will be available on qualifying vehicles.  A biennial registration is valid for a period of 24 months where the annual registration is valid for a period of 12 months.  Just like 15 month registrations are allowed for annual registrations, 27 month registrations will be allowed for biennial registrations. 


                        All registrations are eligible for the biennial registrations except for the following: 


                                    Trucks in class code 41 with a net weight greater than 7,999 pounds.

                                    Registrations with restricted license plates.

                                    Dealer Registrations (class codes 71, 74 and 101)

                                    Transporters (class code 70)

                                    Registrations issued to government vehicles in class code 97.

                                    Registrations issued to out of state military in class 14 and 50.

                                    Semi Trailer registrations in class codes 56 and 103.

                                    Any registration where the National Guard Exemption is being used. 


                        Beginning January 1st, clerks will have the option of selecting a biennial registration.  If biennial is selected, all fees are doubled except for the Initial registration fee, back taxes and mailing fees.  If the biennial is not selected, the fees are not doubled.  The customer may opt to go back and forth with the annual and biennial registrations.  No refund is permitted; however, credit is allowed towards the purchase of another license plate only during the remainder of the registration period.


                        The Transaction Detail Report has been modified to add the County Biennial Fees.  A column has been added that will contain the amount of county retained fees that were collected during each transaction where biennial fees were charged. 


                        The Transaction Summary Report has also been modified to show four new totals to assist counties in calculating the portion of biennial fees collected that are designated for the succeeding year’s operating expense.  These totals are Biennial Service, Biennial Branch, Biennial Vessel County and Biennial Retained Vessel.  Each of these contains the total amount of the fee that was collected for the 2nd year of registration.  These totals will appear on the first page of the report as well as in separate line items following the grand total line in the body of the report. 


                        If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact the Tax Collector Help Desk.