February 6, 2007


TO: Tax Collectors and License Plate Agencies


FROM: Carl A. Ford, Director

Division of Motor Vehicles


SUBJECT: New Florida Vehicle Registration and Samsung Toner Allocation


In the near future, a new format will be used for the Florida Vehicle Registration. The new format is larger and easier to read. The Florida Vehicle Registration will be 8.26 by 8 inches. The bottom portion will be the actual Florida Vehicle Registration with a perforation in the middle. The top half will contain “Important Information” for the registrant, along with the decal for the plate (See Attachment 1). Another enhancement to the registration is the printing of the mail-to address on the top portion. For registrations where no decal is issued, a plain paper (8 X 11) registration will print in the same format.


Any supplies ordered for the old decal solution should be of a quantity that would be exhausted by September 2007. Since the rollout of the decal solution can be done one printer at a time, you can deplete the old inventory before switching to the new.


A couple of inquiries have been made as to the size of envelopes that need to be ordered and the allocation of the special toner for the new decal solution as well as when the new decal solution pilot will start. As for the size of the envelope, the decal is designed to fit in a standard #10 left window envelope. However, envelopes for mailing license plates will need to be altered slightly for the new registration size. The plain paper registration may be used as a guide in determining how to alter the license plate envelopes because the width of the plain paper registration and the registration with the decal are virtually the same as is the placement of the mailing address on both forms.


As for the toner allocation, the department has calculated the expected toner usage by agency from the point of installation of the new equipment through March 31, 2007 using historical transaction numbers from FRVIS. The department has shipped those toner cartridges to any agency whose transaction history indicates the need for replacement. For offices that will be piloting the new decal solution, the department will ship the new decals and special toner separately. Depending on the success of the pilot, the department may be calculating additional allocations of the toner cartridges for March through June. Once the new decal solution is in place, each county will receive an annual toner allotment. Once your annual toner allotment is exhausted, each county will be responsible for buying additional toner.


The pilot for the new decal solution is expected to begin in early February. Each pilot office will receive a shipment of the new decals and the special toner that is required. The method to switch to the new decal is completely controlled by the county in order to minimize any disruptions in the office. The pilot counties will receive detailed instructions with the decals and the toner. All pilot counties have been contacted and are awaiting further instructions.


The main goals of the pilot are to determine whether the decal design is functional and whether the Samsung printers function as required. Any design changes to the new decal as a result of the pilot will be discussed with the Tax Collectors before being implemented.


If you have any questions or need further clarification, please contact your Help Desk Representative.





























Attachment 1