July 5, 2007


TO:                  Tax Collectors and License Plate Agencies


FROM:            Clayton Boyd Walden, Chief

                        Bureau of Titles and Registrations


SUBJECT:      Implementation of New Florida Vehicle Registration and 3M toner,

                        New Decal Bid,

                        Toner Allotment


                        The Division of Motor Vehicles is ready to expand past the pilot and move forward with a partial implementation of the New Registration/Decal which uses the special 3M toner.  The role out will be limited to those offices, where the Samsung printers are network-connected.  We are limited to network-connected printers because that is the only connection method that will allow us to verify that the correct printer firmware and toner are being used.  The offices that are converting should have received a shipment of the special 3M toner for every Samsung printer in their office (with the exception of title certificate printers) with instructions to store the toner until the office receives the new registration/decals.  An implementation schedule for the new registration/decal is being developed and will be distributed soon.  The rollout should start sometime in August.  Remember that the implementation of the new registration/decal within your office can be staggered meaning that you can print old and new registrations/decal within the same office.  Therefore, you should be able to deplete your old registration/decal stock before completely switching to the new registration/decal stock.


                        It has been brought to our attention that providing the special 3M toner in 6,000 page cartridges instead of 12,000 page cartridges would be helpful by allowing an agency to spread the toner allocation among more printers.  We agree.  Unfortunately, we had already ordered this first shipment using 12,000 page cartridges.  However, we will negotiate with our vendor in an effort to get future shipments of toner in 6,000 page cartridges.


                        For those offices where the Samsung Registration/Decal printers are not network-connected, the implementation of the new registration/decal will be delayed until some additional technical issues are addressed.


                        We have also received numerous inquiries regarding toner allotment.  As agreed to in the FRVIS hardware replacement, the department will purchase the amount of toner necessary for any documents printed as a result of a FRVIS transaction.  The toner allotment for FY06/07 was based on actual transaction numbers from FY05/06 with a 5% growth estimate.  Likewise, the toner allotment for FY07/08 will be based on FY06/07 actual transaction numbers with a 5% growth estimate.  FY06/07 ends June 30, 2007.  Therefore, we should be able to provide the toner allotments for FY07/08 fairly soon.  If you have received a regular toner shipment recently, it is actually completing our obligation for FY06/07.  Any special 3M toner received recently is part of your FY07/08 allotment and should be stored until you receive the new 3M registration/decal.


                        If you have any questions or need further clarification, please contact your Help Desk Representative.