December 20, 2007


TO:                  Tax Collectors and License Plate Agencies


FROM:            Carl A. Ford, Director

                        Division of Motor Vehicles


                        The December Release went to all test sites on December 14, 2007.  The statewide release is scheduled for download the weekend of December 21, 2007.


                        Below is a copy of the modification log which you should read over and familiarize yourselves with prior to the release.  The modification log is a tremendous help in understanding the changes in FRVIS. 


                        If you encounter any problems related to the release, please check the FRVIS Release Issues Board to determine if the problem has already been reported.  If so, is there a work-around.  If the problem is not on the log and you still have questions, please call your Help Desk Representative. 








1)       A biennial registration may now be selected on qualifying vehicles during an original registration or during any registration transaction when the registration is being renewed. Fees will be doubled except for initial registration fee, back tax, delinquent fee, transfer fees, and mailing fees.


The following types of registrations may NOT have a biennial registration:

Trucks in class 41 with a net weight greater than 7,999 pounds

Registrations with a restricted plate

Dealer Registrations (classes 71, 74, and 101)

Transporters (class 70)

Registrations issued to government vehicles in class 97

Registrations issued to out of state military in class 14 and 50

Semi Trailer registrations in class 56 and 103

Any registration where the National Guard Exemption is being used


2)      To distinguish between annual and biennial registrations, three new transactions were added: Biennial Scanner, Biennial Express, and Biennial Mail Express. A check box, Biennial Flag, was also added to Regular Renewal, Mail Regular Renewal, Registration Transfer, Registration Replacement, Transfer Vessel/Veh Owners, and Personalized Reservation.  Double fees will be charged if any of these biennial registration transactions is selected or the biennial flag is checked.


3)      Beginning with registrations effective on January 1, 2008, the original license plate fee will increase to $12.  Plates issued previously under the 5 year replacement cycle will only have accumulated $10 of ARF credit by the time their plate is forced to be replaced so $2 of the original license plate fee will be charged.


4)      The replacement cycle of a license plate has been extended to 6 years for plates issued after December 31, 2007. All plates issued to a biennial registration will be issued with a 6 year replacement cycle. But in order to smooth the collection of revenue during the transition period, plates issued during the following time periods on annual registrations will continue to have a 5 year replacement cycle:

January – March 2008

April – June 2009

July – September 2010

October – December 2011


Plates issued after Dec 31, 2007 on the 5-year replacement cycle will be credited with $4 ARF credit even though they were only charged $2 ARF.  This will assure that at the end of the shortened replacement cycle, the accumulated ARF will be sufficient to cover the replacement cost of the plate.


5)      When making a personalized reservation, it is important to know whether or not the reserved plate will be issued to a vehicle with a biennial registration. If the plate will be issued to a vehicle with more than 13 months remaining in the registration period at the time the plate is expected to be issued, you should check the biennial flag during the reservation. This will cause the system to double the fees so the plate can be issued with no additional fees. If a personalized plate is issued to a biennial registration and only annual fees had been charged, the extra personalized fee, processing fee(s), specialty fee, and ARF that are due WILL BE CHARGED DURING THE ISSUE PERSONALIZED transaction. If biennial fees are charged during the reservation and the plate is eventually issued to a vehicle with less than 14 months remaining in the registration period, the customer will have to apply to DHSMV for a refund.


6)      The Registration Fees screen and the Registration Fee History Inquiry screen have been modified to show the biennial portion of each fee that is charged. The first column after the fee name displays the biennial portion of the fee and the second column shows the total amount charged for each fee. If the first column is blank for all fees, the transaction processed was an annual registration.


7)      Each entry in the Tax Due and Credit Manual has been extended to 27 months. It now takes 3 lines to show EACH entry within a class. To improve readability, the number of months is displayed beside each amount instead of on the top line of the page.


8)      A new column, County Biennial Fees, has been added to the Transaction Detail Report. This column will contain the amount of county retained fees that were collected during each transaction where biennial fees were charged. 


9)      Four new totals have been added to the Transaction Summary report to assist counties in calculating the portion of biennial fees collected that are designated for the succeeding year’s operating expenses.  These totals are: Biennial Service, Biennial Branch, Biennial Vessel County and Biennial Retained Vessel. Each of these contains the total amount of that fee that was collected for 2nd year of the registration. These totals appear on the first page of the Transaction Summary Report as well as in separate line items following the grand total line in the body of the report.


10)  The Print Electronic Title (PET) transaction has been modified to allow the electronic title to be transferred and printed in the dealer’s name.  When transferring the title into the dealer’s name, you must enter the dealer license number, suffix and dealer’s PIN.  The Licensee’s name and address associated with the dealer license number will be displayed.  If the title should be mailed to a DBA dealer’s name and address, you will have the option to enter a mail-to customer within the PET transaction.


11)  When a personalized plate was reserved ahead of the renewal period and then issued during the renewal period before the registration had actually been renewed, the system was erroneously advancing the registration expiration date. This has been corrected.


12)  The current title issue date and lienholder(s) will now be shown when performing a Certificate of Repossession transaction. The user can use this information before completing the transaction to verify that the new title will be printed in the name of the lienholder who is applying for the repossession.


13)  The Certificate of Repossession transaction is no longer allowed on a cancelled title.  Nor is it allowed if the inquiry from NMVTIS shows a state other than Florida as the current state of title. The error message that is returned when a Certificate of Repossession transaction is attempted on a title without a lien has been corrected to read ‘C of R not allowed. Outstanding Lien does not exist.’


14)  When issuing a TOP, the HVUT box can no longer be checked unless the GVW of the vehicle is greater than 54,999. This will prevent vehicles that are not required to present certification that the HVUT has been paid from erroneously appearing on the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Report (MLOFQ157). Also, user-id has been added to this report.

15)  Transfer Vessel/Veh Ownership will be allowed for a vessel when there is a Wrecker Operator Lien against one of the registrants even if the registration is being extended for more than 11 months. A warning will be presented stating that the registrant will not be allowed to renew the vessel until the Wrecker Operator lien has been satisfied.


16)  A signature line has been added to the bottom of the Initial Exempt Report (MLOFQ132).


17)  The brand, Insurance Total Loss, can only be placed on vehicles with adaptive equipment that allow wheelchair access.  Therefore, the system will now restrict the use of this brand to vehicles with a body type of VN or SW.


18)  The system will no longer allow a Subsequent Lien Without Title transaction to be processed as a “lien only” on an electronic title.  A message will be returned informing the user that a Lien-Add transaction must be used for an electronic title.  The Lien Add transaction will no longer ask the question, “Do you have the current title?” if the title to which the lien will be added is electronic.


19)  When using the new decal solution to process a Parking Permit transaction, the system was hanging up if there were no parking permits in the inventory of the bin being used. The system has been corrected to return the error, “No More Inventory.”


20)  The phone number was not being displayed correctly in a Customer History Inquiry. This has been corrected.


21)  The address of the customer receiving the specialty plate voucher is no longer being printed on the voucher.  


22)  The system will now prevent the same configuration from being reserved twice in the same day. You will be asked to void the first reservation before being allowed to reserve it again.


23)  The system was requiring insurance for a travel trailer if it was registered in class 37. This has been fixed.


24)  When using a profile with the owner-id flag checked, if you retrieved the record to be renewed by entering the decal type, decal number and decal year, the system was failing to request the four character owner id. This problem was most often encountered when renewing a mobile home since there is no plate on the registration. This has been fixed.


25)  When a clerk is processing a cancellation for retirement of a mobile home, the system automatically generates a correspondence letter. The system will now fill the customer information on the correspondence letter screen. The mailing address may still be modified.


26)  When adding a lien, the system will now give a warning message if the lien date entered is more than 1 year prior to the current date.


27)  When processing an Original, Duplicate, or Correction Certificate of Destruction transaction for a vehicle with two or more owners, up to two owner’s names will be printed on the Certificate of Destruction.


28)  Vessel Manatee Fee has been increased to $1.50.


29)  Franklin County has added a 1% local option discretionary tax beginning January 1, 2008.