To:  Tax Collectors and License Plate Agents

From:  Carl A. Ford, Director

Subject:  State Farm Salvage Recall Stops

Advisory Date:  01/27/06                               Implementation Date:  Immediately

Advisory Number:  T06-02



                        The department was notified by State Farm Insurance and the Attorney General’s Office that total loss claims had been paid to customers for their vehicles, but the vehicles had not been properly branded as required by law.  Therefore, the department placed a stop on these vehicles in FRVIS as an EXAM stop with the ISSUE TYPE of QR with comments of STATE FARM SALVAGE RECALL.  Approximately 3,500 additional records will have this stop placed against them.


                        Prior to the recommendation to have the vehicle inspected and a rebuilt decal affixed, approximately 330 letters were sent to customers requesting the title to be returned to the department to have it corrected.  Therefore, if any of these customers come in to your agency, refer them to their local DMV Regional office.  The vehicle must be inspected, a rebuilt decal affixed and a corrected title issued at no charge showing "Rebuilt."


                        If the total loss settlement was not disclosed to the customer when they purchased the vehicle, they should contact the person they bought the vehicle from.  For more information about the Title Compensation Information Program call 877-491-9339.


                        If a dealer has sold one of these vehicles and is trying to transfer title to the purchaser, the dealer must contact their customer to sign a new completed HSMV Form 82040 with section 3, "Brands, Usage and Type" marked to indicate "Rebuilt."  They also will have to take the vehicle to the DMV Regional office for a vehicle inspection and to have a REBUILT decal affixed to the vehicle.


                        If a dealer is trying to mark the title sold that a customer traded in, refer them to the local DMV Regional office to have the vehicle inspected and a REBUILT decal affixed.  The dealer must take title in their name prior to offering it for sale.  The title will be branded "Rebuilt."


                        All Title Corrections should be done in the Regional offices with the EXCEPTION of the sub-office located in Titusville, as they are unable to process titles.  Therefore, after the inspection and the Rebuilt decal has been affixed to the vehicle, the customer will be instructed to go to the county for a corrected title.  There is no charge for the title correction including fast title fees, if applicable.


If you have any questions or need further clarification, please contact your Help Desk Representative.