HP and the DHSMV are pleased to announce the FRVIS Hardware Donation Program.  This program was developed in association with the Tax Collector Hardware Refresh Project for the DHSMV.  This provides the Tax Collectors the opportunity to elect to take ownership of the FRVIS servers, workstations, printers, and hubs designated to be de-installed and replaced with new equipment.


In order to elect to receive the de-installed hardware, the following conditions must be met:



Contact Dana Sneed at HP (404-316-5828) or dana.sneed@hp.com  for further information on maintenance support contracts.  Please mention that this equipment is part of the FRVIS Hardware Donation Program.



If you elect to participate in this donation program, please notify the HP Site Surveyor upon arrival, or contact:


Stan M. Kirkland 

Special Projects Administrator, Office of Special Projects

Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

Division of Motor Vehicles, 850-922-4198, kirkland.stan@hsmv.state.fl.us