To: Tax Collectors and License Plate Agents

From: Carl A. Ford, Director

Subject: Mack Truck Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin

Advisory Date: 02/04/05 Implementation Date: Immediately

Advisory Number: T05-02


The Mack Truck Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin, a copy of which is attached to this technical advisory, has been approved by the department. Questions regarding its validity arose because the certificate contains the word "VOID" in an overt manner displayed diagonally across the face of the title.

The department has instructed processing clerks across the state to question titling documents when the word "Void" can be easily seen on the face of the title because this is an indicator that the document may be fraudulent. However, in this instance, the manufacturer designed the document this way.

We commend those clerks who exercised due diligence on this issue and encourage all processing clerks to question any document where the word "Void" is overtly displayed. If you have any questions regarding the above information, please contact your Tax Collector Help Desk.