To: Tax Collectors and License Plate Agents

From: Carl A. Ford, Director

Subject: Programming Implemented for Collection of Miscellaneous Payments

Advisory Date: 03/12/04

Advisory Number: T04-03


Programming has been implemented to allow tax collectors to collect bad check fees and pay for interest and unaccounted for inventory owed to the State. The new transactions are located under Miscellaneous/ Miscellaneous Revenue.

The new transaction "Owed by Agency" will be used to collect fees owed to the State for unaccounted for inventory and also to collect interest for late payments. To cashier this transaction, the new payment type "Agency" must be used. Fees collected using this payment type will appear in a new column labeled "Owed by Agy" on the Cashier Detail Report and the Cashier Summary Report. The amount from these transactions will show in the "Remit Totals" column on the Transaction Summary Report under the new sub section, "Misc Acct Trans" (Miscellaneous Accounting Transactions). When the "Owed by Agency" transaction is used to collect fees for a piece of unaccounted for inventory, FRVIS will programmatically change the inventory status of that piece of inventory to UA (Unaccounted for Inventory) and remove it from any bin.

The new transaction, "Bad Check," may be used when a customer requests that a bad check stop be removed. The "Bad Check" transaction can only be used if the refund for the bad check was made to the tax collector after July 1, 2002. Checks refunded prior to July 1, 2002, need to be processed using current manual procedures. To determine whether or not a bad check written near July 1, 2002, can be processed using the "Bad Check" transaction, make a "Customer Stops Summary Inquiry" to view the details of the bad check stop. If a check number appears with the bad check information, the bad check transaction will be allowed.

During the "Bad Check" transaction, the system will calculate the penalty and satisfy the bad check stop. The penalty charged for a bad check will be retained by the tax collector. Sales tax and local option sales tax collected through this process, will appear on the DOR Sales Tax report with an asterisk. The remaining amount, displayed under "Remit Totals" for the "Misc Rev Bad Check" transaction on the Transaction Summary Report, will be remitted to DHSMV.

A new report, "Bad Check Trans Detail Report," has been added to the list of available EOD reports. Please fax a daily copy of this report to Jackie Ross, Revenue Manager, at 850-921-5429.

If you have questions, please contact Jackie Ross, Financial Manager, at (850) 488-4248 or Sun Com at 278-4248 or you may e-mail her at