To: Tax Collectors and License Plate Agents

From: Carl A. Ford, Director

Subject: New Checklist for TOP's and Revised IRP Manual, Application and Instructions

Advisory Date: 9/30/03

Implementation Date: 9/30/03

Advisory Number: MCS 03-01

To assist you and the motor carrier with the issuance of a Temporary Operational Permit (TOP) and application for International Registration Plan (IRP), the Bureau of Motor Carrier Services has prepared a "Welcome to the International Registration Plan" (HSMV 85103) check sheet of supporting documents and basic information. Please provide a copy of this check sheet to any motor carrier customer requesting a TOP. This form is available with other forms on the DMV Intranet.

The Instructions for Completing the International Registration Plan Application (HSMV 85901, rev. 1/03) has been revised, and continues to be a supply item. The instruction book now contains a blank International Registration Application (HSMV 85900, rev. 1/03) which can be easily removed from the book and completed by the motor carrier customer. Therefore, you will no longer need to stock the IRP application form HSMV 85900 in your office. Just maintain an adequate stock of the newly revised instruction book. The IRP Trucking Manual (HSMV 85500, rev. 1/03) has also been revised.

It is requested that you destroy any item listed above in your current inventory with a revision date prior to 1/03. Please begin distributing only the new items as soon as possible. Due to important changes in requirements, effective November 1, 2003, we will no longer be able to accept IRP applications with a revision date prior to 1/03.

When ordering items from DHSMV supply, it is recommended that you limit your order to the minimum amount needed in your specific office(s) as these items are kept on a low stock reorder point due to the frequent need for revisions.

Thank you for your support and cooperative efforts in making sure we continue to provide our customers with up-to-date information and service.