To: Tax Collectors and License Plate Agents

From: Carl A. Ford, Director

Subject: Plate Issued In Error

Advisory Date: 06/17/03

Implementation Date: Immediately

Advisory Number: R03-06

The June 2003 FRVIS Release includes a new transaction, 'Plate Issued in Error', which corrects the distribution of fees when an incorrect specialty license plate has been issued in error. The transaction has been added to the Registration/License Plate menu. This transaction should be used when an incorrect type of specialty license plate has been issued and the error is not discovered until after the voiding period. The following will provide additional information concerning the use of this transaction.

Fees incorrectly charged when the wrong license plate was issued will be credited and fees for the correct license plate will be charged. The only fees that may be refunded or charged in this transaction are: any Annual use fee for a specialty license plate, $2 processing fee for a specialty license plate, $10 Personalized fee, $2 processing fee for personalized license plate, Amateur Radio Initial fee, or Amateur Radio Renewal fee. If there is a difference in the total amount of these fees, the agency will either collect the additional amount required or refund any excess to the customer.

This new transaction may be performed only for a license plate that was issued incorrectly within the past 90 days. The new license plate code must always be different from the license plate code of the license plate originally issued. During this transaction, either a new regular specialty license plate will be issued or a new personalized or amateur radio license plate will be ordered. The following edits will be enforced in this transaction:

When the license plate issued in error is a Personalized or Amateur Radio license plate, the system will create a new agency order with the newly designated license plate code. A confirmation notification will be printed. The TRUE LICENSE PLATE from the original license plate transaction must stay the same but the spacing can change. If the configuration already issued is too large for the new license plate code, the following error will be returned: "Too many characters. If this LP code is desired, use Reserve Personalized and then assist the customer in applying for a refund on the original license plate."

If an Amateur Radio license plate is being ordered, the configuration will be edited using the same edits that now apply to the personalized reservation of an Amateur Radio license plate.

To cashier a transaction with a negative amount, use NONE in the payment type field and $0.00 in the payment amount field. The system will then provide the option of giving change or creating a refund.

At the end of this transaction, a registration will print. If the new license plate is an Amateur Radio or Personalized license plate, the decal on the registration will show VOID.

If more fees are credited than are charged during the transaction (including voluntary fees):

If this transaction is voided, the system will return the record to its original state, (including the license plate code, issue date, transaction date, etc…) and cancel any agency license plate order that was created by the transaction.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please contact your Help Desk Representative.