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The businesses below are registered with the agency as teen driver monitoring services.
The listing is a courtesy, not an endorsement or recommendation. They are not monitored for performance quality.
Businesses not providing described services will be suspended from the registration.

Register Your Teen Driver Monitoring Service(s)
Florida Youth Driver Monitoring Service Registration
Pursuant to Section 318.1435, Florida Statutes
Vendor Name and Information

3997 Palisades Main
Kennesaw, Georgia 30144

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770 312-1093 Phone
The "CAUTION-NEWLY LICENSED" car magnet adheres to the rear of the vehicle of "permit drivers" and new "first year" drivers. The CAUTION-NEWLY LICENSED magnet alerts surrounding motorists of a new driver in their midst and urges them to use extreme caution and courtesy when driving in the teen's vicinity. It is especially geared to permit drivers to give the parent/instructor peace of mind and prevent tailgators and honking during those stressful driving lessons. Through a grant from The Ga. Dept. of Highway Safety,effective Oct. 1st, Caution-Newly Licensed brochures will be distributed to parents of new "permit and 1st year licensees" at all Dept. of Driver Services locations in Ga. We are expanding throughout the country and have already had many orders from Florida residents. Thank you for your consideration. After a pilot program, we found the magnet was appreciated by parents as the "Caution-Newly Licensed" magnet really works.
Daimler Chrysler's Road Ready Teens

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Road Ready Teens provides parents of teenagers learning to drive - or those who've just begun to drive - with tips and tools to ease their teens into driving. With Road Ready Teens, teenagers are able to first gain critical experience and driving maturity before they face higher risk situations.
Driving Skills For Life

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Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) was established in 2003 by Ford Motor Company Fund, the Governors Highway Safety Association, and a panel of safety experts to teach newly licensed teens the necessary skills for safe driving beyond what they learn in standard driver education programs.
My Florida Training and Testing Center, LLC

1103 Jenks Ave
Panama City, Florida 32401

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850-769-1010 Phone
The system we use is a GPS-enabled phone or other dedicated GPS tracker which serves as a tracking device. The tracking device obtains location coordinates (fixes), speed, and course from GPS satellites. These coordinates are transmitted via a wireless phone network to the server when they are only a few seconds old. Parents can then view real-time location, speed, and direction information of their teen drivers on the online map. This means that as parents, you will know where your teen driver is located, where they've been, when they arrive, when they depart, and where they are heading. You will also know how fast your teen driver is operating and can confirm if they are complying with the posted speed limits for that area. Furthermore, this information is stored and can be used to create reports that help you manage your teens driving habits and respond to any concerns.

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