Are you one of the following?  If so, we want you to join our team!

  • A veteran with past service experience
  • A veteran about to transition out of services
  • A military spouse
  • A reservist
Employing Veterans

At the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, we have always taken an interest in hiring and supporting our Nation’s veterans. Veterans are disciplined team players, which bring a strong sense of organizational commitment and loyalty to the workplace that can bolster any employer’s business. Hiring veterans is not only a good idea, it’s good business.

Veterans also display:

  • Leadership Skills – including the ability to foster cultural inclusion, promote teamwork, motivate a diverse workforce, and obtain goals
  • Technical Expertise – military personnel receive technical training specific to their roles, majority of military jobs have civilian equivalents
  • Quick Learning – service members are used to learning new skills, often in stressful situations. This is an asset to employers working in dynamic, fast-paced environments

Veterans’ Preference is given to certain service members, veterans and other eligible persons as required by Florida Statutes for Career Service vacancies. For more information on eligibility requirements and documentation, visit the Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs website.

Our job postings are also shared with contacts from the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve in Florida.

Department Initiatives

The Department maintains a veterans email list which includes 900 names of currently employed Veterans (over 19% of our workforce!) and members who have family who are veterans, which is used to provide information related to benefits, services and other resources from local, state and national level.

We also invite guest speakers to provide presentations, forums and counseling on veteran-related topics, and post these on our veterans webpage.

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 The Department is proud to support and employ veterans and military spouses from across the nation.



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