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It would seem to me that most law enforcemt agencies could be consolidated as a State Police entity. One centralized police agency would enhance the efficiency of law enforcement. It would provide a unity of purpose, reduced costs and be able to assign personnel and resources were they may be needed from time to time. Consolidation would also provide enhanced career paths to move from patrol to investigative units or specialized units such as forensics, photography, etc.

My recommendation is the following. That the persons handling the computers at the DMV should be allowed to check the DCFS website periodically and be able to suspend immediately the drivers license of the non- custodial parent that are in arrears. Like in my case.

We have made it too easy for dishonest people to exploit vulnerable adults. How can someone have a title to a car worth $25,000 for $1000 transferred in another county without the original title? Electronic systems should have potential flags so possible improper transfers can have a waiting period before the sale is final. Anyone can probably ascertain that a sale such as this is improper and possibly criminal. Sometimes common sense is lost when computer dependency occurs. Thank you.

FHP dispatchers, one of the most demanding jobs. Those Women and Men, sure could use a pay raise, or even just a midnight shift pay incentive for working midnights. They work very hard day and night, to keep the florida people and units working safe.

The Agriculutre Law Enforcment Officers would like to roam and not be stuck at a station.

CJSTC training

I am surprised by the duplication of effort/cost/time in the training for LEO. While highly divided in separate modules, there is no cross discipline equivalence (Fire or EMS) between them. Instead of using already state- or federally-approved and maintained curriculum, why reinventing the wheel?

For instance the CMS First Aid module could be advantageously replaced by the DOT First Responder training.

Instructor techniques could use FFP1740 and FFP2741, etc...

Because of the new area I live in, starting a Neighborhood Watch Group has become a pressing matter for me. I would like to see more information distributed and encouraged, to bring neighborhoods together to curve the negative to more of a positive, were people can live in safer neighborhoods, knowing that they have support from the law as well as each other. Also, to have more police drive by's rotated in the at risk neighborhoods, anytime of day. The changes could become proactive for all.

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