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Jurisdiction of the Florida Highway Patrol

Please look into increasing pay for our Troopers as well as increasing the number of Troopers within FHP. I am not affiliated with law enforcement however I drive the highways of our state and I am dismayed at how understaffed this agency is. Our interstates are completely out of control with people driving way too fast to be safe. This agency serves a great purpose and has been cut short way too long. Thank you for your consideration.

I think people are misunderstanding the intent of this. It seems to me the FHP would still have FULL state law enforcement powers BUT their primary jurisdiction(area of enforcement) would the state highway system for which they were originally created to patrol. Just like FWC, DEP, AG and other state LEAs would still only have primary area of responsibility for their assigned mission.

The way I'm reading this proposal, if the Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police vote for it then the FHP could be limited in jurisdiction to interstates and state highways while FWC and DEP officers (and every OTHER state law enforcement officer for that matter) would continue to have state wide jurisdiction on every roadway. What is the sense and logic in this; keeping state troopers from having statewide jurisdiciton and letting other smaller agencies keep theirs? Absolutely none that I can see.

The FHP should be relegated to the interstate and intrastate highway systems. After merging all weigh station functions the FHP could provide more pronounced and visual safety to the traveling public as well as enhance drug interdiction by having a more forceful presence on the highway systems of the state. The County Sheriffs should be conducting their own MVC investigations, although fatalities could still go to the FHP as they are the subjuct matter experts.

The time has come for Florida to take bold and aggressive steps to eliminate waste and redundancy in State Law Enforcement. I believe that FHP should be restricted to State Roads only therefore allowing them to concentrate on their intended mission, and that is to patrol the highways of this State, instead of being called to work parking lot crashes or do traffic enforcement in areas already patrolled by municipal and county agencies.

To have a State Trooper without statewide jurisdiction is ludicrous. In times like these, we need MORE troopers, not less. Every dealing I have had with a trooper has been positive, even when the event itself was not. I talked to a trooper a few days ago and was appalled at what you guys pay them. And now you want to take away their powers to? I'll never figure out why I moved to this state.

Safety issues that need to be addressed: 1. Covert application of vehicle tracking devices on cars, more than ONE to harras,&invade privacy. Based upon observations, this includes law, thugs, and possibly some of the folks that claim to be neighborhood watch committees, which is an insult. 2.Further illegal device installed is a sound amplification which is on even when radio is off. Magnifies voice when talking. Does your dept have an inspection service for these type problems? N79 1JL

I would suggest that the task force look at the Ohio State Patrol and what they did when they restrcited the jurisdiction of the Patrol. To the best of my knowledge, the following year they went back to full jurisdiction after the limited jurisdiction created numerous issues. I do not believe that limiting the jurisdcition of the patrol would befifit this State, but would rather create more issues. Not everything can be measured monetarily.

Limiting the jurisdiction of FHP would be a huge mistake. Why would we want to take a step backwards and have less LEO's to enforce the laws in all areas of the state. What would happen when a Trooper observed a serious violation on a county road? What if the Trooper witnessed a domestic violence issue inside a store? Would we expect the Trooper to do nothing? FHP needs to be fully funded so they can PROPERLY complete their mission for the good of all Floridians and visitors.

I love our Troopers! Lets us keep working hard, and doing what we do best,Our Jobs!If it is not broke,don`t fix it. I moved all the way down here to start a great career with a great state! But right now, I am feeling like the state does, not even want the Highway Patrol any longer. Its sad, because State Troopers are the best law enforcement in every state! Troopers treat people right and we get the job done right! Trust Me, I can`t tell you how many times, people are happy to see a FHP Trooper

It would be critical to the mission of a cmv trooper to keep statewide jurisdiction for several reasons. Even though they do primaraly work interstates, a large portion of their enforcement/inspections are done in ports, airports, bus terminals, and train stations. Operating in these areas fullfills our mission of enforceing interstate commerce regulations,contraband interdiction, and outside agency assistance. Thanks for your time.

More troopers on the interstate is a great idea. Just imagine several squads of troopers on Interstate 4 in Orlando enforcing traffic laws. Not only would this greatly reduce traffic crashes on the interstate, but it would also reduce reckless driving, and also drug runners using the interstates to ship their drugs.

More troopers on the interstate also means happy tourist. Traveling from Tallahassee to Miami and not seeing any troopers on the interstate is just unacceptable.

It's more than a little strange this committee consists of only 1 FHP member and 3 LEO administrators from other agencies, as well as being lead by a high- ranking member of a different agency and being sponsored by a sheriff representing the Florida Sheriff's Association. What chance could the FHP have to show why it should continue to have jurisdiction on all roads?

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