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Environmental Law Enforcement

I am writing to recommend that the Bureau of Emergency Response (BER) stay within DEP rather than moving to FWC along with the rest of the Division of Law Enforcement. The primrary duty of BER is to respond to oil and hazardous material releases statewide ensuring a proper cleanup is conducted by the spiller, and if not, to conduct the necessary cleanup to protect the public and the environment. This is more of an environmental than FWC program. Contact me if additional justification needed.

As a member of one of the agencies being considered for consolidation I think that it only makes sense to bring these agencies together. I have worked in the central and north part of the state for 11 years and during that entire time have worked closely with both of the other agencies being considered. In the field we all help each other out and seem to have one common goal. We all work on each others properties, work details together, and back each other up just like we work for same outfit

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