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Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

Department of Agriculture Law Enforcement should have been merged in with FHP CVE. It's really ashame to have Officers sitting arouond all day and sitting at a drive though window scanning bills and waving trucks on. Not an effective way to do interdiction. If the Commissioner wants interdiction, put inspectors in the stations and Officers on the road. Look at Northwest Florida, there is no regualtory inspections other than in Pensacola and the rest goes around to get by unchecked.

Merge Aglaw with MCCO. That will fill the need for the extra positions that MCCO needs while catching the agriculture that goes around the stations. Put civilians in the stations. You don't need 5 high risk, state law enforcement sitting at a station late at night. Most of the ag officers want to get out and enforce the other agriculture laws and regulations. Why aren't they stopping horse trailers intra state checking for coggins? Isn't that just as important? Get out of the stations too.

I believe that FHP and the DOT officers could be under one office. Why have one set of officers that patrol the highways and deal with regular drivers and another set of officers that patrol the same highways and deal with only trucks? Make no sense.

Forcing a private party with a vehicle in private use to the improper regulations of a commercial vehicle is not right. particularly when they cannot support thier claim that the vehicle is in a for hire use.

How can the officer and the review board both refuse to read the specific definition of not for hire set out in the very statute authorizing the restricted agricultures plates use.

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