Joint Statement from the Department Of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and Florida Tax Collectors On Driver License / Identification Card Issuance

Over the last year, with the current contract for driver license and identification card (DL/ID) issuance expiring, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (Department) and Florida Tax Collectors, have worked together to explore all available options and review emerging technologies in which these credentials can be issued to our customers.

One of the options explored is a method known as central issuance whereby a customer would come into an office to present their identifying documents to be scanned and have their photograph taken.  Their credential would then be produced at a secured central location and directly mailed to the customer.  Information is engraved on the card and security features are embedded in the polycarbonate, making it much more difficult to forge or alter these credentials.

Customer service and convenience is a hallmark of Florida’s current system and while central issuance has some distinct advantages in terms of card security, the inability to obtain a credential on-demand in an office is not something either the Department and Florida Tax Collectors are willing to forgo.  We have determined that the central issuance model would not enhance customer service and could be perceived as an inconvenience.

For this reason, the Department and Florida Tax Collectors have jointly decided to proceed with producing a new DL/ID card that will continue being provided as an on-demand point-of-sale DL/ID credential with as many enhanced security and anti-fraud features as possible for our customers.  In compliance with Florida Statutes, this procurement will also include an electronic driver license option.

Going forward, the Department and Florida Tax Collectors will continue to work together to procure a new DL/ID card that keeps customer service and public safety at the forefront.

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