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Be a Survivor: Escaping from a Submerged Vehicle

CONTACT: Robert Sanchez
Public Information Administrator

March 14, 2001

Surviving a driving disaster such as being trapped in a submerged vehicle requires a calm and quick response. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) offers an instructional video, Surviving Your Worst Nightmare, that provides several helpful tips and survival techniques.

Interested groups may contact their local Florida Highway Patrol office to request a presentation. The video and its script are also available online at the department's web site: www.flhsmv.gov.

Although less than one half of one percent of all crashes involve submersion, it's prudent to be prepared. Your best defense is always to wear your seatbelt. Contrary to popular belief, seat belt use increases your chances for survival. Without your seat belt holding you in place, you could be rendered unconscious and unable to act.

If your vehicle is ever submerged, you should remember POGO: pop your safety belt, open a window, and get out.

Produced by DHSMV's Creative Services team, the video was funded by a grant from the Allstate Foundation.

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