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Electronic Filing System (EFS)

EFS is a system available to Tax Collectors to allow organizations the ability to electronically submit forms and fees to the Tax Collector and the Department. EFS is used primarily by auto dealers and fleet companies to process title and registration transactions at the point of sale. It is a Government/Private Partnership where Tax Collectors supervise the approved organizations and contract with certified service providers who transmit the data between the organizations, tax collectors and Department. The Department provides the interface necessary for the EFS vendors to submit title applications.

Dealers and other organizations wishing to participate should contact one of the certified service providers. There are currently two certified service providers available, CVR and Title Technologies (websites are listed below). The dealer or organization will then sign a contract with the Tax Collector in their county. There are various requirements for an organization to use EFS, including insurance and security requirements.

On July 1, 2010 oversight of the EFS program was transferred to the Department.

Links: Certified Service Providers: