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Wanted: Jose Arturo Palomino
County: Broward
Investigator: Corporal Linda Banks

photo of Jose Arturo Palomino, select to enlarge.Jose Arturo Palomino On February 28, 2009, at approximately 4:03 AM, was traveling southbound on I-95 south of Sample Road in Pompano Beach, Florida. Mr. Palomino was driving a 1996 silver Mitsubishi Eclipse, with a large spoiler and large blue stripes. Mr. Palomino struck and killed 23 year old Cristina Pokrajak as she stood next to her vehicle on the shoulder of the roadway. Mr. Palomino fled the scene and abandoned the vehicle in a field at NE 35 Street and NE 8 Avenue in the city of Oakland Park, Florida. Mr. Palomino phoned the owner of the vehicle and stated that he was involved in a bad accident and apologized for taking his car without his permission. On April 27, 2009 a warrant was issued for the arrest of Jose Arturo Palomino, for the offense of, Leaving the Scene of a Crash Involving a Death. Jose Arturo Palomino is 5-09, 165 pounds. He may be using the name of Jose Arturo Arguiello and may have fled to Mexico.

If anyone has information on the whereabouts of Jose Arturo Palomino please contact Corporal Linda Banks at 954-837-4000 X 5010 or LindaBanks@flhsmv.gov or E-Mail FHP.

Wanted: Patrick John Donovan
County: Citrus
Investigators: Corporal Leo Wells and Sergeant Leland Frye

photo of Patrick John Donovan, select to enlarge.Patrick John Donovan was driving a red F-150 Ford Pickup truck on SR 55 in Citrus County Florida. He was driving the vehicle faster than other traffic and weaving from one lane to the other. This Ford Pickup Truck ran into the rear of a 1998 CMC Motorcycle that was blue in color. The driver of the motorcycle was killed on impact and the passenger was ejected losing her left leg and arm. The pickup fled the scene southbound on SR 55. Investigation led to the residence of Donovan and evidence was discovered showing that he had repaired the vehicle and destroyed evidence. He was arrested and charged with Vehicular Homicide, Leaving the scene of crash with injuries and death. This subject bonded out of jail and fled the area. Investigators have been searching for him since 2001. There are outstanding warrants through Citrus County, he is shown as a wanted person on FDLE’s Website and also Interpol.

If anyone has information on the whereabouts of Patrick John Donovan please contact Corporal Leo Wells at 352-754-6767 or at leowells@flhsmv.gov or E-Mail FHP.

Wanted: James R. Wasileski
FHP Case #: FHPF07OFF007030
County: Charlotte
Investigator: Corporal Cale R. Stevens

photo of James R. Wasileski, select to enlarge.James R. Wasileski was traveling northbound on Burnt Store Road on Saturday, February 03, 2007. Wasileski was operating a 1997 Ford Taurus while under the influence. Wasileski lost control of the vehicle and collided with a tree. The right front passenger, Mark E. Burlison, died as a result of injuries sustained in the crash. Wasileski has since left the state. His last known location was in Texas but he may have fled to Mexico. Wasileski has an active warrant out of Charlotte county for DUI Manslaughter.

If anyone has information on the whereabouts of James Wasileski please contact Corporal Cale Stevens at 941-483-5911 ext. 316 or at calestevens@flhsmv.gov or E-Mail FHP.

Wanted: Brian Dale Andrews
FHP Case #: 707-05-031
County: Polk
Investigator: Corporal Roger Cheshire

photo of Brian Dale Andrews, select to enlarge.Brian Dale Andrews was traveling northbound on US 27 on June 30, 2007, when he lost control of his vehicle and entered the south bound lanes. The front of Andrews? vehicle struck a south bound vehicle killing both of the occupants in that vehicle before colliding with another south bound vehicle and coming to final rest. Andrews was arrested for Driving on a Suspended Drivers License resulting in death but failed to appear for the arraignment for those charges. Andrews also has two active warrants for DUI Manslaughter.

Anyone with information on Andrews' whereabouts is asked to contact FHP Lakeland Troop C Station at 863-413-3510 or E-Mail FHP.

Wanted: Eric John Riters
FHP Case #: 702-07-092
County: Orange
Investigator: Corporal Terry Hoops

photo of Eric John Riters, select to enlarge.Eric John Riters was traveling northbound on SR 423 at a high rate of speed. He lost control of his vehicle and struck a legally stopped vehicle that was westbound on 33rd Street. The front of Riters? vehicle struck the driver?s door of the stopped vehicle. The collision caused fatal injuries to the driver and two occupants of the stopped vehicle. Riter was legally intoxicated and operating his vehicle at approximately 97 miles per hour in a 45 mile per hour zone when this crash occurred. Riters has three active warrants for DUI Manslaughter.

Anyone with information on Ritters whereabouts is asked to contact FHP Orlando Troop D at 407-737-2300 ext 1043 or E-Mail FHP.

Wanted: Luis Perez-Amezcua
FHP Case #: FHPC05OFF100055
THI Case # 705-03-062
County: Hillsborough
Investigator: Corporal Toni Shields

photo of Luis Perez-Amezcua, select to enlarge.Luis Perez-Amezcua was west bound on I-4 near US 41, operating his 2003 GMC pickup truck. Perez-Amezcua failed to slow down behind other west bound traffic and collided with a 1998 Pontiac sedan. A 6 year old passenger in the Pontiac suffered fatal injuries at a nearby hospital. Shortly after the scene was cleared, FHP Troopers placed Perez-Amezcua under arrest for Driving While License Suspended that resulted in death. Perez-Amezcua failed to appear in Hillsborough County Court on November 6, 2006 for sentencing.

Anyone with information on Perez-Amezcua whereabouts is asked to contact FHP Corporal Toni Shields at 800-235-6019 or 888-632-6859 or email tonishields@flhsmv.gov or E-Mail FHP.

Wanted: Rafael Zuniga-Talavera
FHP Case #: FHPF04OFF063401
THI Case #: FHP 704-15-042
County: Manatee
Investigator: Corporal David R. Brunner

photo of Rafael Zuniga-Talavera, select to enlarge.Rafael Zuniga-Talavera caused a traffic crash in Manatee County on October 24th, 2004. The subject was traveling west on 21st Street East near the city limits of Palmetto, Florida. A motorcyclist was traveling northbound on State Road 55. The subject failed to yield the right of way to the motorcyclist causing the fatal traffic crash. After the collision, the subject attempted to flee the scene, but his vehicle was inoperative as a result of the collision. The subject was arrested and charged with DUI Manslaughter, DUI Property Damage, and driving without a valid driver's license at the time of the crash that resulted in the death of the motorcyclist. The subject bonded out of jail, but failed to return for his trial. The suspect has an active warrants for his arrest. He is known to have a passion for playing Soccer and may have fled back to his native country of Mexico.

Anyone with information on the suspect's whereabouts is urged to call the FHP Bradenton office at (941) 751-7647 ext 130 or 131 or E-Mail FHP.

Wanted: Jose Ayala Santiago
FHP Case #: 03-03-00288-64
THI Case #: 703-64-002
County: Collier

photo of Jose SantiagoJose Ayala Santiago Subject caused a crash in Collier County on January 12, 2003. The subject was westbound on State Road 90 approaching a vehicle traveling eastbound on State Road 90. The subject steered his vehicle across the centerline and into the eastbound lane of State Road 90. The subjects' vehicle collided with another vehicle in a head-on type crash. The crash resulted in one fatality and personal injuries. There is an active warrant for DUI Manslaughter for the subject.

Contact FHP Fort Myers at (239) 278.7100 ext. 321 or E-Mail FHP.

Wanted: Charles Edward Mann
FHP Case #: 01-03-04162-18
THI Case #: 701-18-024
County: Lee

photo of Charles MannCharles Edward Mann Subject caused a crash in Lee County on March 23, 2001. The subject was eastbound on Laurel Road approaching a bicyclist traveling eastbound on Laurel Road. The subjects' vehicle struck the cyclist and subsequently fled the crash scene. The bicyclist was killed as a result ofthe crash. A subsequent investigation linked the subject to the crime and an arrest was made. A plea agreement was reached and the subject received supervised probation for the crime of leaving the scene involving a death. The subject failed to comply with the plea agreement and consequently violated the terms of his probation. There is an active warrant for Felony Violation of Probation for the subject.

Contact FHP Fort Myers at (239) 278.7100 ext. 321 or E-Mail FHP.

Wanted: Carey C. Price
FHP Case #: FHPD030FF015075
THI Case #: FHP703-07-073
County: Orange
Investigator: Corporal Leonard B. Green

photo of Carey PriceCarey C. Price Subject was southbound on the inside lane of State Road 417 approaching the E-Pass lanes of the University Toll Plaza. As the vehicle approached the toll plaza it entered a construction area in which the inside southbound lane was closed. The lane closure was marked by three foot orange cones and a lit arrow board which directed the traffic flow to the right (outside lane). Subject apparently swerved to the right to avoid striking the arrow board and as he did so placed the vehicle in a collision course with the southbound outside barrier wall. He then swerved to the left and lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle initiated a counter clockwise rotation across the inside southbound lane of State Road 417 where the right side of the vehicle impacted three pedestrians (road construction workers). The vehicle then impacted a construction vehicle, then re-crossed the southbound lanes and impacted the outside barrier wall where it came to final rest facing west. There is active bench warrant for failure to appear with regards to DUI Manslaughter.

Contact Orlando FHP at (407)737-2300 or E-Mail FHP

Wanted: Roman Saebastian Saldarriaga
FHP Case #: FHPF03OFF019900
THI Case #: FHP703-64-045
County: Collier
Investigator: Corporal Robert Brown

photo of Roman Saebastian SaldarriagaRoman Saebastian Saldarriaga Subject caused a crash in Collier County on September 1, 2003. Suspect was eastbound on CR846 approaching the rear of another vehicle. The suspect;s vehicle struck the rear of the other vehicle. The impact forced the vehicle into the westbound lane. The vehicle was then struck by a westbound pickup truck. The crash resulted in one fatality and personal injuries. There are active warrants for DUI Manslaughter, DUI Personal Injury and DUI Property Damage. The suspect has fled and is believed to be in Canada, New York, New Jersey, and Miami or Bonita Springs, Florida.

Contact FHP Ft. Myers at (239)278-7104 or E-Mail FHP

Wanted: Juan Morales
FHP Case #: 02-40-35802-03
THI Case #: 702-03-058
County: Hillsborough
Investigator: Corporal F. O. Burke

photo of Juan MoralesJuan Morales Subject was driver of vehicle west bound on Willow Road in Hillsborough County. Victim's vehicle was south bound on US 301. Subject entered US 301 in an attempt to travel north bound, entered the South Bound lane and the path of the oncoming victim's vehicle. Subject's vehicle collided head-on with the victim's vehicle. The collision caused the death of one victim and the serious incapacitating injuries to another. The subject is wanted by the FHP for DUI Manslaughter. An active arrest warrant has been issued and the subject is believed to be in Hillsborough County.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Cpl. F. O. Burke at the Tampa FHP station 888-632-6859 or E-Mail FHP

Wanted: Alfredo Acevedo
Case #: 702-06-044
Investigator: Corporal Conner B. Cardwell

photo of Alfredo AcevedoAlfredo Acevedo while traveling south on State Road 93 in Charlotte County, with a blood alcohol level close to twice the legal limit, lost control of his vehicle causing it to overturn. Two passengers in the vehicle died and two others sustained incapacitating injuries as a result of this crash. Alfredo Acevedo is wanted for two counts of DUI Manslaughter, two counts of DUI Injury and one count of DUI Property Damage.

Anyone with information regarding the location of Alfredo Acevedo is requested to contact Corporal Conner B. Cardwell or Sergeant Tim Underhill @ 941-483-5911 or E-Mail FHP

Wanted: Alejandro Garcia
Case #: 701-18-064

photo of Alejandro GarciaAlejandro Garcia while operating his vehicle with a blood alcohol level over 4 times the legal limit, struck a vehicle head-on State Road 82 in Lee County causing the vehicle to over turn. The driver of the other vehicle died on the scene. Garcia fled the hospital and his location is unknown.

Anyone with information as to the location of Garcia is requested to contact Sergeant Tommy Keen @ 239-278-7100 x 310 or E-Mail FHP

Wanted: Carlos Modesto
Case #: 702-19-032
Investigator: Corporal C. L. Taylor

photo of Carlos ModestoOn 6/22/02 a 14 year old boy was killed and another seriously injured when they were struck by a 1993 Dodge Dakota that fled the scene. It's owner, Modesto, cannot be found and has refused to come forward for questioning.

Anyone with information on Modesto's current location is asked to call the FHP, Corporal C. Taylor or Sgt. Cindy Williams @ 321-690-3900 or 321-690-3908 or E-Mail FHP




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