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In June, 1993, the Florida Highway Patrol purchased four Speed Measuring Awareness Radar Trailers (SMART trailers) using funding obtained through a highway safety enforcement program grant administered by the Florida Department of Transportation.

The SMART trailers combine radar and computer technology with power from the sun to provide information for FHP personnel and motorists. SMART trailers are equipped with a radar that determines the speed of approaching traffic. A message board then displays the speed below a posted speed limit sign applicable to the roadway.

Powered by solar panels that recharge batteries, SMART trailers can also be programmed to record the speed of all vehicles at a location. The on-board computer then provides FHP supervisors with information about the number of cars violating the speed limit, the average speed, and when the speeding occurs.

The four SMART trailers are rotated and used throughout Florida to promote voluntary speed limit compliance on Interstates, county and local roads, school zones, and other locations as determined by FHP supervisors.


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