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TALLAHASSEE - The Florida Highway Patrol today reiterated its internal advisory to troop commanders to find creative ways to conserve fuel will have no effect whatsoever on the FHP's core mission of patrolling Florida's highways.

Each of the patrol's 10 troop commanders was asked to develop a voluntary plan to reduce fuel consumption without disrupting any of the patrol's calls for service or diminishing its enforcement of traffic laws. The plan, which includes shopping for the lowest fuel prices, was requested because of recent increases in the price of gasoline.

"We have not curtailed any service or patrolling as it pertains to the motoring public of Florida - period.'' said Fred O. Dickinson, Executive Director of the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV), which oversees the FHP.

The FHP's statement was issued in response to a series of radio ads incorrectly asserting that Governor Bush had ordered a curtailment of FHP service. The FHP and its parent DHSMV report to both the Governor and Cabinet.


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