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Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
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FHP Policy on Crash Reports

Long Form Crash Investigation

The Florida Highway Patrol shall respond to, investigate and document on the "Long Form" Report all traffic crashes brought to their attention which involve:

  • Bodily injury or the death of any person.
  • Leaving the scene of a traffic crash or involve driving under the influence.
  • Hazardous material incidents, involving the actual/suspected release of toxic substances into the environment, or other unusual conditions that pose a significant threat to public safety.
  • Vehicle crashes involving DHSMV vehicles.
  • Damage to vehicles/property owned by components of government. Such investigations will only be undertaken at the direction of command or supervisory personnel.
  • Crashes that result from the commission of a criminal offense (robbery, auto theft, etc.) or from any pursuit.
  • Any crash which requires the completion of the Commercial Vehicle Supplement Report (HSMV 90007).

Short Form Crash Investigation

The Florida Highway Patrol shall respond to, investigate and document on the "Short Form" Report traffic crashes which do not include any of the criteria specified under the "Long Form" section but which do involve:

  • Damage to any vehicle or other property in an apparent amount of at least $500.
  • Removal of a vehicle from traffic by towing.
  • Serious, potentially violent arguments, disturbances or confrontations involving principals or other persons present at the scene. (If such altercations involve the commission of a criminal offense, enforcement action/preparation of "Offense/Incident/Arrest" reports may also be required.)
  • Major traffic congestion brought about by the crash, if one or more of the conditions specified in the Long Form Section or the Short Form Section applies.

Driver's Report of Traffic Crash

If you are involved in a minor traffic crash in where:

  • there are no deaths or injuries,
  • all parties remained at the scene of the crash
  • alcohol/drugs are not involved
  • damage is less than $500 pervehicle and
  • involved vehicles can be driven from the scene,


  • drivers should exchange license, registration and insurance information
  • then obtain a copy of a "Driver's Report of Traffic Crash" form from any law enforcement agency.

Instructions for completing the report are on the back of the form. One copy of the completed report should be given to your insurance company. Another copy must be mailed to:

Department of Highway Safety andMotor Vehicles
Traffic Crash Records Section
Neil Kirkman Building
Tallahassee, FL 32399

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