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Sgt. Delahoz
Sergeant Jorge Delahoz

Sgt. Jorge Delahoz is a 20 year FHP veteran and is currently serving as the public information officer for Troop K (Turnpike Troop) based in Orlando. He has established an excellent working relationship with the central Florida media that allows him to assume a proactive role in public safety and education.

Published in the Orlando Sentinel, May 12, 2008:

He's combed through the remains of thousands of car accidents. He's seen scores of traffic fatalities.

Florida Highway Patrol Sgt. Jorge Delahoz sometimes struggles to forget the carnage he sees on the state's highways. But when he heads for a scene he must always remember to bring his camera.

Delahoz sends dozens of accident photos to the media. He's providing not just information to reporters, he says. The pictures are not just for the newspapers.

"I want people to realize it can be anybody at any time," says Delahoz, a Miami native. "I want them to see the carnage. I don't want to gross them out, so I don't send the gory photos. I want people to see how a car can be destroyed."

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