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Class Activities
FHP Training Academy Home Page
123rd BRC Graduates
"Graduation" photos
"Achievement Awards"
"Family Fun Day" photos

Lt. Collins
Class Coordinator
Lt. Jimmie Collins
Master Sgt. Martinez
Asst. Class Coordinator
MSgt. Diane Martinez
Tpr. 1st Class Oman
Class Counselor
TFC Melissa Oman

"Field Sobriety Testing" photos
"Mobile Field Force" photos
"PR24" photos
"PIT Maneuver" photos
"Radar" photos
"Traffic Stop" photos
"Pepper Spray" photos
"Defensive Tactics" photos
"Firearms" photos

Recruits participate in approximately 80 hours of firearms instruction and are required to qualify on the range with each weapon. The recruits also learn the proper handling and care of issued state police firearms which includes the Glock 37, the Remington Shotgun and a patrol rifle. The firearms training ends with cleaning the weapons and reviewing for the test.

"First Aid" photos
"Vehicle Operation" photos
"Pyramid Visit" photos
"Promotion" photos
"Tallahassee Regional Communications Center" photos
"Bloodmobile" photos
"First Day" photos

123rd BRC
1st Assignments

Manny Alvarez
Megan Benedict
Jazmin Bennett
Marlon Binet
Dennis Bogusky, Jr.
Albert Chu
Junior Clervil
Tarik Dalhy
Derek Daniels
Jonathan Donnelly
Samuel Ellis
Scott Ellis
Larry Favors
Brian Fernandez
Fernando Fleites
Aaron Franks
Carlos Gonzalez
Raul Gonzalez, Jr.
William Green, Jr.
James Harris
Christopher Jainandan
Francky Jean Louis
Luke Johnson
Timothy Kapitan
Jeimy Lamar
Melanie Linton
Daniel Lopez
Michael McFarland
Keil Nanan
Tyler Nessmith
Ronald Paulin, II
Barbara Phillips
George Rayborn
Adam Rivera
Kayla Ruede
Jorge Saez
James Smith, II
Nathan Stidham
Shamus Sturgis
Jeffrey Sudlow
Juan Suero
Kenneth Thornton
Jessica Tierney
Warren Tyre
Brycen Vanantwerp
Charles Vazquez
Gregory Vernet
Giovanni Vidal
Kenite Webb
Charles Williams
Rose Wolff
William Young
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